Hello, I'm Céline!

Trained graphic designer, jack of all trades and brimming with creativity. Five years ago I decided to fulfill my dream and give birth to Cadeline Bijoux! Artisanal jewelry handmade in Wallonia and with original designs, far from pre-established labels and genres, inspired by art and by all those little things that amaze my daily life.

Through perseverance and passion, I can say that I am proud of the current success of Cadeline Bijoux (which earned me an article in Femmes d'Aujourd'hui) but I am also very grateful to my clients who, for some have followed me since the beginning!


How was Cadeline Bijoux born?

A bit by chance... a friend donated her jewelry making equipment to me because she no longer had any use for it. I started out of curiosity and the virus never left me!

What’s the little extra of Cadeline Bijoux?

I like the idea of ​​wearing your jewelry as easily with an evening outfit as with your favorite pair of jeans and it is with this in mind that I design my collections.

Cadeline Bijoux was born from the desire to offer timeless jewelry but enhanced with a touch of modernity spiced with originality.

Hence my does inspiration come?

My jewelry is mainly influenced by Art Nouveau but many other things inspire me! I invite you to discover my favorites on Pinterest .

And what would creation be without music? As a true music lover, I prepared a special Cadeline Bijoux Spotify playlist ;)

My guilty pleasure?

The colour ! I spend a lot of time mixing and creating unique shades from natural pigments and mica. Oh and I love chocolate! :)

My pride ?

The appearance of Cadeline Bijoux in Femmes d'Aujourd'hui ;)